The NESS Wärmetechnik Youtube Channel

At Ness, explaining complicated facts in an understandable way is part of the service. The use of cross-media formats and targeted communication are a matter of course.

Each of us knows this moment. Suddenly, smaller and larger everyday challenges arise, for which we may not have the right solution immediately. Some people are now reaching for the appropriate operating instructions or a corresponding reference book. Others, on the other hand, tend to look for the solution on the Internet and generate over 2 trillion search queries a year on Google alone. Also over Youtube each day more than 2 billion hours videos are streamed, whereby “How to” – search inquiries grow each year around approximately 70%. It’s no longer the “sweetest cat video”, but the knowledge-imparting content that’s growing steadily.

The basic problem treatment is thus in the change and takes place platform-spreading – print as well as digitally. Not least because information is to be made accessible best always and everywhere.

Within the NESSessities product range, NESS has focused on adapting to these requirements and developing suitable strategies. “Contemporary communication means packaging information in the B2B area in such a way that as many people as possible can understand it. Communication is even implemented non-verbally in many areas. If language is used, then it should connect people and not confuse them – some things simply have to be shown,” says Jan Ohrmann, Marketing Manager at NESS. “As a medium-sized company in particular, we still have a customer relationship and can respond to customer feedback accordingly and develop targeted solutions”.

Marketing and product management have worked hand in hand to coordinate printed fact sheets and website content. “The information was comprehensibly bundled to the essentials and then coordinated across all media. From the subsequent feedback and user instructions, we have developed a mixture of explanation and product video in German and English for some products,” explains Falko Kegreiss, Product Manager NESSessities at NESS, adding: “Our customers and partners have asked for such video content. Also to be able to pass the information on to the employees themselves. All in all, this also saves a lot of time.”

The new video content is now freely available to everyone via the NESS Wärmetechnik Youtube Channel.
The multimedia range will also be expanded in the near future. Solution finding and products can thus be jointly designed as discovery and experience. Together – that’s us and you: How do you like the videos? Which of our NESSessities or which procedure do you miss? What would you have done differently? What remains incomprehensible? Write to us: