Customer service is a huge priority with us –
What does real flexibility in performance and service mean

  • Charter flight from Hannover to Inverness in record time

  • With express deliveries several means of transport usually interlock

  • The team of bgm express logistik GmbH brings the control valve to the aircraft

  • Safely stowed away in the Cessna, the journey for the component can begin

  • Free as a bird – There is no traffic congestion in the air

As an expert for process heating systems – their development, planning, manufacture and sales – one thing is particularly important to us: the subsequent service, which is lived 24 hours a day. We realize and develop our projects and products not only with passion, but also with regard to the needs of our customers. A lived service is characterized by many factors. In addition to the necessary flexibility and the scope of services, the commitment of each participant is also important, because what happens when help is urgently needed?

Many of our customers appreciate our service. Offering a comprehensive customer service and then implementing it consistently are different things.
So that statements such as “the customer is king” and terms such as Total Customer Care do not just become classic advertising platitudes, it sometimes takes practical examples to illustrate why it is so important to have a reliable partner. Often not only the “Best Price” is decisive for a long-term, successful cooperation.
Cooperation on projects at eye level pays off especially in the time after the project is completed. Now to the example:

In a large thermal oil plant of our customer in Scotland, one of the DN200 control valves that had been installed there for years failed. This unforeseeable defect inevitably led to the shutdown of the plant. Our service team was informed shortly afterwards.

Sending a spare part by parcel service is not an alternative in this case, as the production standstill has too great an economic impact. To deliver the 180 kg heavy and massive component by onboard courier is impossible. A logistical challenge, because now every minute counts since the downtime per hour means a 5-digit loss of sales. After consultation with our customer, a daring plan was drawn up at short notice: Then we charter a plane!

The journey then began by express courier to the manufacturer of the valve. From there, it was then rushed to the airport in Hanover, where the Cessna 406 was already waiting. Now it went with over 400 km/h directly to Inverness in Scotland, again on the express courier already waiting there, directly to the customer. The transport did not take half a day and the installation could be started immediately.

This example is intended to show that a partnership between plant operator, plant constructor, logistics partner and supplier leads to more than just a seller-customer relationship – it is lived teamwork with a sustainable value chain where there are only winners.


Jan Ohrmann | Marketing Manager
Sven Nuxoll | Manager Service Contracts