It’s been a busy week. On Friday, 15th of June the most important leading trade fair for process industry, the ACHEMA 2018, closed its gates for visitors at 4pm. NESS looks back to exciting week of interesting talks, individual consulting and a great sense of community together with the other exhibitors at the shared exhibition stand.

On Monday, 11/06/2018 the fair started. Countless international visitors came to the fairground hall of Frankfurt, to visit the leading trade fair ACHEMA 2018. Once again, the NESS Wärmetechnik GmbH was available as exhibitor and competent contact partner for visitors. As a manufacturer for process heat plants, thermal oil plants as well as heating and cooling facilities, NESS offers energy efficient and economic solutions for its customers in over 50 years. Beside its two chief executives, employees from the engineering and marketing department were on site for five days to support customers and prospects with individual solutions. Prior to the ACHEMA some customers had already taken the opportunity to arrange face-to-face consulting appointments. “In retrospective, this fair was a good stage for professionally qualified talks in an international field”, Dietmar Ness, chief executive of Ness, says.

As a part of the shared exhibition stand of Baden-Württemberg, NESS – as a leading specialist for process heat systems – found itself in an appropriate environment. “Baden-Württemberg is known worldwide for its innovative solutions and its reliability”, Dietmar Ness explains. “The vendors next to us are also highly specialized corporations with a great know-how in their field and the ability to create sophisticated solutions. The choice to exhibit at this shared stand was ideal, since several visitors sought talks with us for exactly that reason. It is not for nothing that Baden-Württemberg as a business location is known as one of the most exciting and most attractive ones in Germany”.

From the countless talks with costumers the most important message is:
“There’s clear evidence, that besides customer oriented and individual solutions and their realisations, the focus shifts to collaborative work with our customers and suppliers”, says Dr. Andreas Ness, chief executive of Ness Wärmetechnik GmbH. “Customers who invest today are searching for a competent partner, who will be active over during the lifetime of a plant and gives support even after many years. Markets change as fast as never before and with them the requirements for engineering solutions. The important point is to overcome the gap between reliability and innovation. This is exactly what we offer our customers”.