Maintenance, safety checks and more

Service forms the basis for a safe and efficient investment. We value partnership and long-term cooperation. That’s why we look after you throughout the lifecycle of your facility and help with new problems and problems.

Spare parts supply

Sustainability is very important to us

You can access our spare parts warehouse worldwide at short notice via our hotline. Here we keep all important spare parts for our plants ready. If a part is not available, we can usually procure it for you at short notice through appropriate agreements with our suppliers.

Consulting and training

We are happy to inform and advise you when it comes to optimising your heating system. Of course, this also applies to major repairs or major conversions. Our specialist staff will also provide you with reliable and competent advice on remote monitoring and measurement and control technology. We provide specific and individual training for operators, operating personnel and maintenance personnel of heat transfer oil systems.

Revisions and plant / safety inspection

Our service team is always at your disposal:
• For revisions of your plant
• Accompaniment of the examiner of periodic inspections
• Preparation and presentation of the plant (MSR, flue gas and medium side)
• Annual plant and safety inspection by a competent person

Spare parts supply from a single source

• Preparation of spare parts lists and spare parts quotations
• Supply of all types of spare parts for heaters, boilers, fittings, pumps and firing systems as well as instrumentation and control technology

Commissioning of plants

For a long service life, it is absolutely necessary to commission the entire system professionally and to monitor it continuously.
This enables you to achieve the highest system availability, optimum efficiency and low operating costs.
Our commissioning department looks after your heater/boiler systems, firing systems and I&C systems.

Maintenance and inspections

Regular maintenance ensures operational readiness and increases the service life:
• Checking the flue gas side for corrosion, the brick lining, the seals, etc.
• Flue gas side cleaning of the heater
• Medium inspection, internal inspection, water analysis on site, oil analysis by specialist laboratory
• Cleaning on the medium side
• Checking the MSR technology
• Visual inspection of the general condition
• Checking the firing system (burner) and control system
• Emission measurement of the burners
• Valve control
• Checking the auxiliary units
• Test report and customer advice
• Remote maintenance options

Repairs / Maintenance

All repairs to your heater/boiler system are carried out quickly, inexpensively and competently, such as:
• Work on pressurised components by our tested and certified welders
• Repair or replacement of coils and heating surfaces
• Installation of spare parts
• Repair or replacement of brick lining on the heater

Conversions and assemblies

Conversion and modernisation of facilities:
• Conversion and additions for operation
• Extension of existing plants
• Relocation of existing plants


To ensure this, we offer you two extension numbers that will allow you to reach our service team. Outside these hours, a customer service representative is available to assist you in a timely manner.

During our office hours

+49 (7181) 9675 20

Monday to Friday from 07:00 am to 4:00 pm

Outside office hours

+49 152 90014026

Mo – Fr from 4:00 pm to 7:00 am also on weekends and on holidays

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