Celebrating Christmas together

Alone would be boring

Traditionally, the Christmas season is characterised by communal activities. For example, decorating the tree together or having a festive meal with family, friends or colleagues.

So at NESS we thought … Why not just look for great partners – with whom we can get something off the ground together for you. In this case, a high-quality advent calendar with a concept.

The chocolate

Chocolate from HACHEZ makes you happy

Through good taste and fair framework conditions

HACHEZ from Bremen has a long tradition and was founded as early as 1890 by Joseph Emile Hachez. In keeping with the founder’s guiding principle: “Only the best goes into the chocolate and that’s enough”, even today as few selected ingredients as possible are used for the chocolate.
In addition to the use of particularly fine cocoa, HACHEZ is also characterised by a particularly high cocoa content, which ensures a cocoa-intensive aroma.

In addition to good taste, the conditions in cultivation and production are of course also important. Factors such as energy supply, production, product packaging and the treatment of employees play a major role at HACHEZ. For example, HACHEZ co-founded the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa www.kakaoforum.de Forum 10 years ago.

The image material used comes from the Hanseatischen Chocoladen Kontor Bremen – © HCK GmbH & Co. KG

The calendar

Advent calendar and logistics fully thought out

Not at the expense of the environment, but from grass and co2 neutral produced

I beg your pardon? Yes, you read that right. Produced from grass.

Because compared to wood, grass is a rapidly renewable raw material. So it has a pretty good eco-balance. Postalo therefore decides to use corrugated board with a high grass content. For us, this also means no chemicals, fewer greenhouse gases, and therefore less environmental impact and less energy consumption.

The production itself is climate-neutral within the compensation of the entire Co2 volume from operation and production. Exemplary.

The logistics were also optimised in the best possible way in order to ship efficiently to the NESS partners.

The organiser

The best for our partners

Networking is one of our strengths

We are tireless in our search for the right solution for our customers. And of course that doesn’t stop at Christmas.

As already mentioned at the beginning, “alone would be boring”. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank HACHEZ and Postalo for the great cooperation at eye level.

We would also like to thank all our customers, suppliers, partners and people who support us directly or indirectly in our work in any other way.

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