Nitrogen blankets (NBS) for easy integration

In this FAQ-area, you can read some general questions and answers around the NESS Nitrogen Blanketing System NBS, which advantage you can take of it and what you generally should consider for integration. In addition, it has to do with the infrastructure that should be given for successful operation.

What does the NESS Nitrogen Blanketing System do?

The NESS nitrogen blanketing system is a product in the NESSessities concept which constantly increases safety, availability, durability and efficiency in thermal oil systems. One of the 3 most important factors for good quality is an acid figure that is as low as possible, which allows a conclusion about oxidation in the system.

Besides the flashpoint and Conradson value,
the acid number is an important factor for good oil quality

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How do I integrate the NESS Nitrogen Blanketing System in my system?

No problem at all! Like all NESSessities, also the NESS Nitrogen Blanketing System is designed as an individual module. Existing processes are not influenced. This concept allows the relatively easy retrofitting also for already existing systems.

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Where is the NESS Nitrogen Blanketing System integrated?

Usually, the nitrogen supply of the NESS Nitrogen Blanketing System is connected to the collecting tank. The expansion tank is also blanketed with nitrogen through the overflow line, so that the two tanks are protected.

If the permitted pressures of the system parts are not exceeded, it can be integrated without problems.

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Does the Nitrogen Blanketing System work automatically?

Yes. The multiply tested control allows the continuous and safe operation of the nitrogen blanket. An approved safety pressure limiter monitors the arising blanketing pressure and safely switches the nitrogen supply off (redundant shut-off).

The integrated condensate separator reliable prevents the intake of water through the nitrogen blanket.

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Do I need additional infrastructure for the operation of the nitrogen blanketing system?

For operation, beside nitrogen, electrical power and compressed air are required. Nitrogen can be generated on site using a NESS nitrogen generator. Alternatively, it can also be supplied by a double-cylinder bundle with automatic switching over.

Depending on the size of the system, only one or two free flange connections are required on the collecting tank to mount the safety valve(s).

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Are there any special items to observe for the maintenance of the nitrogen blanketing system?

In case of the double-cylinder system, an emptying cylinder is installed downstream that must be dewatered regularly. Despite of the yearly tests for function and safety, the nitrogen blanketing system can be operated maintenance-free.

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