Oil is filtered through filter baskets. Are there any differences and what is to be considered?

Depending on the age of the thermal oil system and the heat transfer oil, particles are solved in the oil to a greater or lesser extent. For this reason, for the first filtration we recommend starting with a little wider mesh size (200 µm) of the filter insert – mainly for already running systems. The following mesh sizes / filter basket variants are available:

Mesh size in 15, 90 or 200 μm
Scope of applicationExternal filterInternal filter
First filtration200 μm
Transition filter90 μm
Normal operation90 μm 15 μm

The filter basket for normal operation includes an additional internal filter. We recommend always having a second filter of this variant in store, for instance to be able to insert the second filter while the first filter is being cleaned to avoid standstill during filter cleaning.
Furthermore, each basket can be completed by a temperature-resistant magnetic bar, to better remove iron particles from the heat transfer oil.