What did you do before worked at NESS?

After completing my studies in mechanical engineering at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in 2018, I started my career at the Arinko company in Stuttgart Bad-Canstatt. This is where I first came into contact with NESS.

Why did you decide to work for NESS?

After a very short time, I realised that the word teamwork is capitalised at NESS. I was also quickly given responsibility for independent work and my own projects, which quickly increased my confidence in myself and my tasks. The appreciation of my colleagues and superiors rounded everything off so that I left Arinko behind after a short time and ventured to join Ness in 2019.

What is your working day like at NESS? What are your daily tasks?

In the beginning, the 3D design activities were in the foreground, then my area of responsibility expanded through the introduction of new programmes and their administrative management. In the meantime, I am the contact person for Inventor and Autodesk Vault Professional for the design department. I am currently involved in several projects in plant engineering, from installation to piping design.

What do you like best about your job? What task do you enjoy the most?

The ever-changing challenges and new tasks keep the everyday working life at NESS exciting. The cross-departmental cooperation with our own production, the visit to construction sites and the personal exchange with customers always provide variety.

What has been your best moment at NESS?

The department’s joint sports activities during the breaks, such as playing table tennis and throwing Frisbee.

What qualities do new work colleagues at NESS need to fit into the work culture?

Open-mindedness, the ability to work in a team and enjoyment of work are some of the most important qualities that new colleagues should bring with them. A certain degree of personal responsibility is also an advantage.

How do you describe the atmosphere at NESS?

The working atmosphere at NESS is friendly and familiar. You feel accepted and are welcomed with open arms from the very beginning.

What makes NESS as an employer special to you?

The varied tasks create a variety of challenges, which are always mastered alone as well as in a team.

Describe NESS in 3 words

International, family-oriented, future-oriented

Dear Floyd Artmann – Thank you very much for answering the questions

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