Smart Heaterpump – Reduce operating costs through efficiency

Smart Heaterpump monitors the thermal load of the heater and adjusts the volume flow so that no more energy than necessary is consumed. This massively reduces the operating costs in the partial load range.

Emission reduction at thermal oil heaters

The worldwide technical and regulatory requirements for emissions are constantly increasing. Our experts have been working on this topic for a long time and can provide important recommendations from experience from a wide range of projects – especially from parts of the California (US) and China – with very stringent emission limits.

NESSessities – Optimization of your thermal oil system

Safety, availability, durability and efficiency are important requirements for thermal oil systems. Our NESSessities help you to permanently maintain the quality of your thermal oil and to increase operational safety.

At LIGNA 2019 we will present you the NALD250-i. This upgrade removes even faster and more effective light-ends in your thermal oil systems.
We also show at LIGNA our fine filter station FF300.

Support of the future

We have developed a solution that allows our service engineers to switch live to the control unit of our systems to carry out maintenance routines and optimizations in consultation with you. Even commissionings can be made.

Get a free ticket for the LIGNA 2019

Get a free ticket for the LIGNA 2019

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