What did you do before worked at NESS?

Before joining NESS, I completed my entrance qualification for a technical college.

Why did you decide to work for NESS?

I had to complete a 9-month internship as part of my entrance qualification for university of applied sciences. I saw the NESS company every day on my way to school and wanted to gain my first experience in the private sector, so I applied for an internship on the off-chance.

What is your working day like at NESS? What are your daily tasks?

In my main areas of responsibility, marketing and the internal IT department, hardly a day resembles another. My working days are very dynamic and varied.

What do you like best about your job? What task do you enjoy the most?

What I enjoy most is always being confronted with new challenges that I can learn and develop from.

What has been your best moment at NESS?

There are nice and funny moments almost every day, but probably the best experience at NESS was getting the opportunity to start a dual study programme with NESS as a partner company.

What qualities do new work colleagues at NESS need to fit into the work culture?

I think an important factor is the joy of social interaction, apart from that fun and a willingness to take responsibility.

How do you describe the atmosphere at NESS?

I would describe the working atmosphere simply as pleasant, I feel comfortable here and enjoy coming to work every day.

What makes NESS as an employer special to you?

For me, it is above all the helpfulness and friendliness among the employees that makes NESS a special employer.

Describe NESS in 3 words

Familiar, supportive, dynamic

Dear Lukas Grimm – Thank you very much for answering the questions

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