What did you do before worked at NESS?

Before joining NESS, I worked in design and development in the surface technology segment (painting lines). Then in the road construction machinery segment for applying bitumen.

Why did you decide to work for NESS?

The new area of responsibility really appealed to me at the time. Besides, I always find it exciting to gain new experience.

What is your working day like at NESS? What are your daily tasks?

Mainly project management and design according to ASME and CSA regulations and the related preparation of documentation and acceptance by the respective inspection bodies.

What do you like best about your job? What task do you enjoy the most?

To further develop our products and adapt them to customer requirements. It is nice to understand the projects holistically and to work on them as a team across departments.

What has been your best moment at NESS?

Every working day is nice – through constructive discussions about the products and the most diverse worldwide sites, it is never a monotonous job. But the company parties are nothing to sneeze at either.

What qualities do new work colleagues at NESS need to fit into the work culture?

Flexibility, commitment and the ability to work as part of a team.

How do you describe the atmosphere at NESS?

Familiar, collegial, friendly and humorous at work, but also in their free time there are always “sociable work conversations”.

What makes NESS as an employer special to you?

New challenges every day and the organization of the various activities. Recognition of achievements, great colleagues and a good working atmosphere.

Describe NESS in 3 words

Simply incredibly ingenious

Dear Manuela Schaffroth – Thank you very much for answering the questions

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