Positive atmosphere at LIGNA 2019 – smart solutions for the future were the dominant topic

  • Entry to LIGNA 2019

    The world’s leading platform for woodworking and processing industries – LIGNA in Hannover


    Under the slogan “Optimize the process. The heat is on!” we presented current product highlights and smart solutions.

  • NESS booth

    Final preparations before the big rush to the booth begins

  • More than 90,000 visitors

    Over a total of 5 trade fair days with 10 halls and outdoor area

  • Well frequented booth

    The fair was a total success

  • International audience

    Interested parties from 50 nations visited the fair. One of the highlights at the booth was the low boiler removal system NALD250

  • At the gates of the exhibition halls

    There was also a lot to see in front of the exhibition halls

  • Wood Industry Summit 2019

    The Wood Industry Summit is an integral part of LIGNA

  • International platform

    Exchange of international representatives of industry, science and politics

  • About Thermal oil systems

    Dr. Andreas J. Ness inspired the trade visitors

  • Valuable solutions

    About investments, risks and management

  • Information exchange

    With the right basic knowledge, future decisions can be made easier

  • LIGNA, see you again!

    The next LIGNA in Hanover will be held from 10 to 14 May 2021. We are looking forward to seeing you again!

In addition to digitization and automation, the main focus was on integrated solutions enabling companies of all sizes – from niche woodworking firms to large-scale manufacturers – to meet current market demands and prepare for future challenges.

As one of the leading German plant suppliers in the industrial process heat segment, NESS is once again an important contact partner for the woodworking and processing industry. From 27 to 31 May 2019, LIGNA 2019 opened its doors to the international audience and we would like to take a brief look back at these exciting 5 days of the fair:

“From the very beginning there was a positive atmosphere at the fair”, said Dietmar Ness. “The main focus was on solutions to increase the efficiency of existing plants and to increase general plant safety. Our trade fair motto “Optimize the process. The heat is on!” was also intended to encourage visitors to put existing solutions to the test and to position themselves correctly for the future.”

In addition to the NESSessities product line, which is aimed at increasing safety, availability, durability and efficiency, NESS has further innovative solutions for this purpose. In addition to the premiere of the “Smart Heaterpump”, these included the “SmartSupport” solution for problem solving, maintenance and optimum fine tuning of systems via the Internet.

At this year’s Wood Industry Summit at LIGNA, Managing Director Dr. Andreas J. Ness held the presentation “Thermal oil systems – safety and efficiency reduction total cost of ownership”. This inspired the audience with valuable problem-solving approaches. Core topics were sustainable investments and reliability management to reduce risks that are difficult to calculate.

The fair was a total success for us! We had interesting discussions with many of our customers and business partners. We also established many new contacts with interested parties. Therefore we will continue to be present at LIGNA, the world’s leading platform for the woodworking industry.