New mobile cooling unit for rapid cooling sections of large thermal oil systems or production plants

NESS Wärmetechnik GmbH is now offering the mobile cooling unit NMCU as a standardized product within the NESSessities product line. The mobile cooling unit for thermal oil systems considerably reduces the time needed to cool down primary circuit sections or individual heat consumers. In case of maintenance or repair work, the cooling can be accelerated up to 10 times, depending on the initial situation.

In industry, time is money – this becomes particularly clear when plants come to a standstill. For this reason, any work that needs to be done on plants must be planned in advance and coordinated with production processes. If maintenance work is due on sections of large thermal oil systems or on individual heat consumers such as short-cycle presses, temperatures of up to 300 °C prevent work from starting immediately. To enable work to be carried out, the temperatures must first be reduced. Without additional cooling, lowering the temperature can sometimes take more than a day; much valuable time is lost. “Of course, it is even more annoying when work on the system is carried out spontaneously. Maintenance work can still be planned – but acute repair work can rarely be coordinated with the production process. Every possibility to shorten the unplanned downtime translates into reduced losses” says Achim Schwarz, Sales Engineer at NESS Wärmetechnik GmbH.

If the entire thermal oil system is shut down in these cases, even sections of the plant that are not affected will come to a standstill. In addition, the unnecessary cooling leads to an additional energy loss, which must be compensated for afterwards at great expense. Thanks to its compact two-part skid design, the mobile cooling unit NMCU from NESS Wärmetechnik GmbH can be transported by forklift directly to the place of use within the system in order to cool down only the affected part of the system.

The cooling device is operated via a 63 A three-phase plug connection and is regulated by means of a separate control unit. On the thermal oil side, the connection is made via included corrugated pipe hoses and circulation is carried out by a pump installed in the NMCU. Cooling takes place via a heat exchanger with integrated axial fan, the heat is dissipated into the ambient air. Therefore, no cooling water supply is necessary. The cooling capacity can be more than 1 MW, depending on the oil inlet temperature.

The mobile cooling unit NMCU extends the NESSessities line of NESS Wärmetechnik GmbH by a further field. The NESSessities are modular solutions and increase the safety, availability, durability and efficiency of thermal oil systems in the long term. The modules can be retrofitted individually and integrated into most existing plants.