New incentives to work together – Maintenance, training and monitoring from a safe distance

With Covid-19, we are currently facing a new type of challenge, which is likely to affect us for the coming weeks and months.

On the one hand, the way our personal communication is naturally integrated into existing processes is challenged by the pandemic. On the other hand, this also means that we now have the chance to find new ways together to communicate and the opportunities to make the most of our digital working relationship.

For quite some time, we have been creating solutions which bring us closer to our customers and suppliers. With the “togetherNESS” service initiative, we are creating a platform which presents these solutions to you and asks for us to collaborate successfully – especially during this time.

Some people are currently looking back at the time, when personal contact with one another, in team meetings for example, was a matter of course. In this reflection, there is also often a feeling of a lack of appreciation for this freedom and the opportunities it offers. Very few enjoy working alone, isolated from colleagues, customers and suppliers, particularly if the team is well-coordinated.

For years we have been a permanent contact in the process heat sector and in some instances, an integral part within the customers’ structures. Our service team support and advise globally on site, and are available 24/7.
Your challenges are our mission. We tackle them together with passion and to our best ability, and this is how we want it to stay!

Since we have all been actively developing infrastructure for digital collaboration in various sectors in recent years, we can now mutually benefit from this. It is already possible to respond to the current situation with new solution approaches. Therefore, we present to you the “togetherNESS” initiative.

With our infrastructure, some important measures can be implemented very well into the process industry, in order to support you in the best way with your daily work and the forthcoming challenges.
We can already offer our customers a remote maintenance solution, which our service engineers can use to access your control system and can, where necessary, make adjustments. This means that a visit where an employee attends the site in person can often be avoided.

If you have not yet implemented remote maintenance, now could be the right time to do so.

For years we have offered practical seminars and training, either as an appointment on our customers’ site or as seminars at our headquarters in Remshalden in Stuttgart, which is valued greatly by our customers. Currently, these appointments are often difficult to have due to the mutual risk of infection with regards to Covid-19.

We are currently working on a solution using online seminars for our standard training and would like to expand this, as soon as possible, to include operator training too, so that this can be kept online for your employees.

This means that seminars and training can also be broadcast via the internet onto a domestic computer for example.

Using our services, which we are now expanding bit by bit for you under the “togetherNESS” range, we are working on solutions to facilitate the current situation. Let’s work together to make the best of this turbulent time and look optimistically into the future.

We will certainly continue to also offer you the “togetherNESS” product range and services after this time. We will keep you updated at

As usual, you can also reach our service using the hotline +49 (7181) 9675 20.