Ecological thermal insulation in plant construction – Alpaca wool insulation as an alternative to mineral wool

When pipes and equipment are insulated in plant construction, classic mineral wool is usually used. In recent years, however, the call for an ecological, sustainable solution has become louder and louder. Although mineral wool is a proven material in many respects, it is not a renewable raw material.
We have given it a lot of thought and decided to offer a completely ecological alternative in the future: The NESS Alpaca Insulation!

In addition to advantageous properties such as low flammability and good insulating properties, this natural raw material has another significant advantage. As it does not contain any lanolin (which is present e.g. in sheep’s wool), it is hypoallergenic and therefore ideal for all people who suffer from wool allergies.

To give operators and their staff an even stronger connection to the insulation, we also offer a walk with alpacas before implementing the solution. Only then are the animals shorn and the required insulation mats made from the material.