What did you do before worked at NESS?

I worked as a secretary in a lawyer´s office, after doing my apprenticeship as a personal assistant and office communication.

While working at this firm, I undertook further training and passed the exams to become a business administrator in 2013.

Why did you decide to work for NESS?

I applied for this job as I wanted to use my knowledge and skills as a business administrator.

At the interview; I was very impressed how friendly, open and honest the interviewers ‘were, and immediately had a good feeling that the position would meet these expectations.

Also the fact that NESS is not only near to where I live but also the job offer met my other requirements, made the job even more attractive.

What is your working day like at NESS? What are your daily tasks?

In addition to the routine work, I have a lot of interesting and challenging tasks.

My primary role as Assistant to Managing Directors is to support Dr. Ness with all administration tasks. My tasks range from writing Dr. Ness`s offers, reports and protocols, organising the business trips to checking the contracts.

What do you like best about your job? What task do you enjoy the most?

I really like the fact that my job is really varied. It is never tedious or boring. The special assignments are particularly interesting as they are often completely new and so I have to prepare and familiarise with the subject matter before doing the assignment.

Through this I am constantly developing both myself and skills.

But what I really enjoy is organising the business trips and choosing and gift wrapping the presents for our employees.

What has been your best moment at NESS?

I have had so many nice experiences and moments at NESS that it is impossible for me to say which the best one is.

I take delight in the smallest and simplest things such as the praise and thanks for my work that I often receive for things that I see as my everyday tasks.

What qualities do new work colleagues at NESS need to fit into the work culture?

Definitely to be able: to work within a team; to use your own initiative; to be able to find solutions and to be work to independently and be open and communitive. In my opinion, these are the most important qualities to have when working at NESS:

Also a good level of English is very important as NESS is an international firm.

How do you describe the atmosphere at NESS?

There is a really friendly atmosphere at NESS. People work together rather than against each other. We help each other out with challenges and are not afraid to admit our mistakes.

Overall we enjoy and have fun at work. This is very important to me as well as we spend a significant time working.

With the exception of time of Corona; NESS provides both a summer and a Christmas party for its employees. This is super for the work atmosphere.

What makes NESS as an employer special to you?

As previously mentioned, the recognition and value that I receive for my work.

It means a lot to me when people tell you in everyday life that you have done a great job.

Also you never feel that you are on your own. We work together to find a solution, when things are not running so smoothly, so that we can do things better in the future.

NESS is open to ideas and innovation. All employees are allowed to be active to make this process work. We have a lot of freedom to think and develop new ideas.

Furthermore, it is also the small things such as our employer providing us rolls, Brezels and croissants our breakfast and apples, coffee and tea free of charge. This generosity should never be taken for granted.

Describe Ness in 3 Words

A big family

Dear Marlene Schwarz- Thank you very much for answering the questions

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