What did you do before worked at NESS?

After finishing my Bachelor study at POLITEHNICA in Bucharest, I started my first job as an electrical engineer in the Electrical Acquisitions and Offers department.

After a few years, I was introduced to the design part in electrical engineering, which I found to be more suitable for me.

Why did you decide to work for NESS?

I always thought about working Abroad but I was not looking actively.

At one point, a job opening at NESS caught my attention and thought more seriously about the challenge/opportunity of working in a different type of industry and in a country with different culture.

What is your working day like at NESS? What are your daily tasks?

Electrical design of the switch cabinets is my main activity. This implies gathering all the information that I need from other departments / direct boss / Project Managers, searching for the best electrical solution and equipment and integrating them into the final product – the Electrical switch cabinet. Then I check the control cabinet in advance with the help of a PLC program.

What do you like best about your job? What task do you enjoy the most?

Most of all I am happy to work in such a friendly and competent team. I am also happy when I see the result of my work and the customers are satisfied.

What has been your best moment at NESS?

The first thing that comes to mind is the interview I had here. Although I had little experience abroad at the time and did not speak the language well, my colleagues at NESS were supportive of me.

Up to this day, they are still helping me improve my Language skills.
Of course, it was one of many that had a great impact on me.

What qualities do new work colleagues at NESS need to fit into the work culture?

Team players and open-minded people with or without professional experience fit NESS quite well.

How do you describe the atmosphere at NESS?

Friendly, relaxed but not boring. The projects always bring something new and interesting, which helps me personally to develop further as an engineer.

What makes NESS as an employer special to you?

It gives me the liberty to speak my mind and to grow in my own pace. In addition, the colleagues are always helpful.

Describe NESS in 3 words

Teamwork, professional und international

Dear Oana-Mihaela Poenaru – Thank you very much for answering the questions

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