Clever solution: Fully automatic nitrogen supply as an efficient alternative to manual maintenance

Many industrial applications require a reliable supply of nitrogen to function smoothly. If this supply is realised with the help of nitrogen cylinders, this is associated with time-consuming procurement, logistics, transport and storage. If the supply of nitrogen fails, e.g. because new full cylinders were not connected in time, this has an impact on the functioning and possibly the operational safety of the system.
In order to avoid this situation in the first place and additionally save operating and maintenance costs, there is an obvious technical solution.

“As is well known, our ambient air is composed of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% of various other gases,” explains Dominik Weidler, Chief Information and Technology Officer at NESS Wärmetechnik GmbH. “Now it is relatively easy to remove the oxygen molecules using membrane technology and existing dry compressed air. The principle for separation is based on the selective passage of nitrogen and oxygen and the other components. The membrane is constructed as a hollow fibre through which the supplied air flows. Oxygen, carbon dioxide and argon diffuse through the membrane much faster than nitrogen, i.e. the nitrogen accumulates inside the hollow membrane and leaves the membrane with a purity of between 95 and 99.5 %, depending on the set flow rate.

NESS has developed the NG300 nitrogen generator for the production of nitrogen. Besides electricity (240V), only dry, oil-free compressed air is needed. The membrane inside the generator is durable and highly efficient. The purity of the nitrogen produced is monitored by a high-quality oxygen measuring system.
Optional – but highly recommended – is the accompanying nitrogen tank NB750 with a capacity of 750 l.

“We have designed the nitrogen generator in such a way that it not only requires as little maintenance as possible but also works fully automatically. In this way, we ensure that an almost uninterrupted nitrogen supply is guaranteed.
The nitrogen produced by the generator is set as standard to 5 bar Ü outlet pressure, a purity of 99.5 % and delivers 5 litres of nitrogen per minute. This is sufficient for most processes that require nitrogen. For example, our customers like to use the generator in conjunction with the NESS nitrogen blanketing for the collection tank and the expansion vessel or for pressure blanketing,” Dominik Weidler continues.